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Oil - Berry Flavoured

Oil - Berry Flavoured

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CBD oil has many beneficial medical applications but unfortunately, because it is an oil, it is not very well absorbed in our blood stream as our body mainly consists of water. Although the absorption slightly increase when taken sublingual (under the tongue) or with a fatty meal, most of the CBD oil will have to pass our digestive system to be absorbed. When CBD passes our digestive system it has to pass our liver, which metabolizes most of the oil. Tests have shown that only between 5-20% of the non-treated CBD oil taken orally ends up in our bloodstream.

Our CBD under the tongue drops oil is especially treated with micelles. Micelles are special molecules which consist of 2 parts, a water loving and a fat loving part. By treating our CBD oil in this way it allows us to dissolve the CBD oil in water. This increases the absorption of the CBD oil up to 15 times as now the solution doesn’t have to pass through our digestive system to be delivered in our bloodstream. This also makes the CBD oil much faster available and you will notice its effects often already within minutes!

Besides this special treatment we also make sure that the CBD oil we use is derived from organically grown cannabis with a very low percentage (less than 0.2%) of THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis which makes you high.

Also in our CBD oil all other beneficial components, like other cannabinoids and terpenes, are still present. Research has shown that this type of full spectrum CBD oils work much better due to the synergistic effects between the different components. This effect is also called “the entourage effect”.

Every batch of our CBD oil is rigorously tested and is free of heavy metals, pesticides and molds.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) check our pages inside our Learn section.

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